Vector Racer 0.2

Vector Racer 0.2 – #winning

Vector Racer 0.2 is out! And I’m glad to say that I’ve solved the two primary issues in version 0.1:

  • Detecting collisions if the player path crosses an obstacle
  • Determining when a player does a lap

So now, you are actually able to win the game! And you are able to determine if you’re better than your buddy since the number of steps are declared upon crossing the finish line.

My record is 42(!). What’s yours?

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HTML for webredaktører

Webredaktører oplever det hver dag. Der er kopieret tekst ind på hjemmesiden, og uanset hvad du gør, bliver der ved med at dukke andre skrifttyper, størrelser, afstande, farver, m.m. op i teksten.

Funktionerne i CMS’ets editor til at rydde formatering hjælper ikke, og problemet består, uanset hvad du gør. Til sidst spørger du den nærmeste, der kan lidt kode. Personen klikker på kode-knappen i editoren, alt bliver volapyk, og på kort tid er problemet væk.

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JavaScript game – yay!

Yay! My first JavaScript game – sort of.

Basically I saw a video of Mary Rose Cook live coding Space Invaders in 30 minutes and wanted to get my fingers dirty.

I thought the programming was awesome and I wanted to get some practice by replicating it, so I did.

After that, I started improving on it. Mainly, I did levels of incrementing difficulty and menues.

Press “Z” to shoot and check out the video of the live coding – it’s badass:

Solved: Unable to format disk on dlink NAS

Here’s the deal: I wanted to extend the standard configuration on my dlink DNS-320L by adding a second disk to form a RAID1.

The biggest problem was to format the new disk. No matter what I did, the button saying “Set RAID and re-format” in the dlink management software was greyed out.

I tried shutting down the NAS, insert the new disk in slot 1, no avail. Shutting down, inserting in slot 2, no avail. I did this numerous times. Performed S.M.A.R.T checks, scanned the disk again and again. Nothing worked.

You know what did? Using Internet Explorer!

Yup, apparently the dlink software doesn’t like Chrome.

So, there you have it. I hope you encounter this post in a search someday and it saves you a few hours.

Polyline/polygon tool for Google Maps

This small tool aids you in getting the coordinates for your polyline or polygon
This small tool aids you in getting the coordinates for your polyline or polygon.

By: Martin Ove

Hi all.

I made a little tool, which can make the process of finding coordinates for polygons and polylines in Google Maps a lot easier and intuitive.

It lets you draw a line with multiple points by just clicking on the map. When you’re done, you just copy-paste the coordinates for further use.

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