Making soundslides in Windows Movie Maker

This serves as a proof of concept. You can make soundslides in Windows Movie Maker, and it actually does a pretty good job. Try it out, I hope your speak sounds better than mine!

By: Martin Ove

[tweetmeme]I’ve been searching for a free program, which could make soundslides, for some time. Usually you would make soundslides in the program called “Soundslides”, but I’ve never really liked it, and as always I’m looking for free alternatives.





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  1. mmm Avatar

    Quite nice result, I think. But I find it funny that you choose to post this in the “freeware” category, as WMM (as far as I know?) comes as a part of Windows. Or am I wrong? It’s like saying: “you can use the seat belts for free – after you buy the car.” (or steal it.)

  2. Martin Ove Avatar
    Martin Ove

    Hi mmm.

    You’re absolutly right. Calling WMM freeware is pushing it.

    However, I need a category name for something that doesn’t add expenses to most people.

    At the moment I’m testing how you can use your cellphone with a headset as an (free?) alternative to a microport.

    The problem here is exactly the same: Cellphones aren’t free and neither is the computer needed for editing. But for most people it will be free, as they don’t need to buy extra stuff to do it.

    What would you call it?

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  4. mmm Avatar

    I don’t know what I’d call it. You know, I’m just that annoying Linux guy picking on everything related to Windows 🙂

  5. Martin Ove Avatar

    Yeah, I know 😉

    I’ve decided to go with “How-To” for now. One of the tags still say “free” though.

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