Getting started with Python – Free ebook

A small screenshot of the Python prompt and the familiar logo pulled from Wikimedia Commons.

By: Martin Ove

[tweetmeme]A few days ago it was announced, that there’s gonna be held courses in programming for journalist in Denmark next year. Check out the blogpost from the guys behind it (in danish).

They are gonna to make web-scrapers with the programming language Python, and it got me fired up on refreshing my (puny) Python skills.

Anyways, there’s some great literature on the web for those, who want to learn this programming language. Green Tea Press has made multiple adaptations of one book to target C++, Java and of course Python.

The book about Python is called “Think Python: How To Think Like a Computer Scientist” and can be found here in PDF and HTML, amongst others.

It picks up from the very beginning, so you don’t have to know anything in advance, really.

That’s it for now. Give it a go and see if it’s anything for you. At least now, you can’t blame the lack great learning aids.

Oh, did I mention it’s free to read? Yay!

Check it out: Think Python: How To Think Like a Computer Scientist






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