Getting started with JavaScript – Online tutorials

[tweetmeme]If you want to learn JavaScript, these two sites will make your life easier.

By: Martin Ove

Learning new stuff is a lot easier, when you have access to good and inspiring materials to aid you on the way.

I wanna share two sites with you, that have taught me the JavaScript I know. If your seeking a step-by-step incremental tutorial on how start using JavaScript, this is it.

The first site is the mother of all, when it comes to learning web technology. The site is

There are resources for learning HTML, PHP and all kinds of web technology, and then of course JavaScript.

Check out the JavaScript Tutorial.

After a while, the tutorial on actually became a bit boring, and I tried to find some exercises that would “light my fire” concerning JavaScript.

I found the site and more specific, the JavaScript section. The site offers an excellent JavaScript Tutor, that you should definitely check out.

After a while I was sorta going back and forth between the two. That’s actually pretty much where I’m at now.

That’s about it for now. If you know of other great sites, let others know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.





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