Solved: Unable to format disk on dlink NAS

Here’s the deal: I wanted to extend the standard configuration on my dlink DNS-320L by adding a second disk to form a RAID1.

The biggest problem was to format the new disk. No matter what I did, the button saying “Set RAID and re-format” in the dlink management software was greyed out.

I tried shutting down the NAS, insert the new disk in slot 1, no avail. Shutting down, inserting in slot 2, no avail. I did this numerous times. Performed S.M.A.R.T checks, scanned the disk again and again. Nothing worked.

You know what did? Using Internet Explorer!

Yup, apparently the dlink software doesn’t like Chrome.

So, there you have it. I hope you encounter this post in a search someday and it saves you a few hours.