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  • Omregn.nu | an AngularJS side project

    Omregn.nu | an AngularJS side project

    I finally got around to deploying the AngularJS version of omregn.nu. Omregn.nu is a web app for converting units. The web app exists in an extremely crowded space and is by no means anything new. Omregn.nu has one thing going for it though, it’s mobile friendly. However, all of that doesn’t matter; the main purpose of…

  • Vector Racer 0.3 – Responsive canvas

    Vector Racer 0.3 – Responsive canvas

    Vector Racer has reached version 0.3 and the major improvement in this release is the mobile UI.

  • Vector Racer 0.25 – Mobile Controls

    Version 0.25 of Vector Racer offers the first implementation of a mobile interface via on screen buttons. The buttons do not work perfectly – far from it – but they do provide a means to play on mobile devices. That’s the short update of today. Enjoy. PLAY NOW

  • Vector Racer 0.2 – #winning

    Vector Racer 0.2 – #winning

    Vector Racer 0.2 is out! And I’m glad to say that I’ve solved the two primary issues in version 0.1: Detecting collisions if the player path crosses an obstacle Determining when a player does a lap So now, you are actually able to win the game! And you are able to determine if you’re better…

  • Vector Racer 0.1

    Vector Racer 0.1

    I’ve just started developing a vector racing game. Check it out here: http://martinove.dk/games/vectorracer/

  • Events in and out of Google Maps

    Google Maps allows for events to affect the website surrounding it and vice versa. Here’s an example and some pointers on how to do it yourself.

  • Bye bye, text bubble in Google Maps

  • Polyline/polygon tool for Google Maps

    This small tool aids you in getting the coordinates for your polyline or polygon. By: Martin Ove Hi all. I made a little tool, which can make the process of finding coordinates for polygons and polylines in Google Maps a lot easier and intuitive. It lets you draw a line with multiple points by just…

  • Pointsystemet – En interaktiv grafik

    [tweetmeme]Af: Martin Ove Udlændingeaftalen med tilhørende pointsystem faldt på plads onsdag d.17 november, og det gav mig en idé til en interaktiv grafik, man kunne lave i den forbindelse. Jeg har indsat en rå udgave nedenunder, og i første omgang er du meget velkommen til at se, om du kan samle nok point sammen. Senere…

  • Getting started with JavaScript – Online tutorials

    [tweetmeme]If you want to learn JavaScript, these two sites will make your life easier. By: Martin Ove Learning new stuff is a lot easier, when you have access to good and inspiring materials to aid you on the way. I wanna share two sites with you, that have taught me the JavaScript I know. If…