Tablet anno 2008

[tweetmeme]I shot this picture back in june 2008 and today I was reminded of it. The screen shows the N810 Internet Tablet with a bluetooth keyboard running Google Docs and saying “Who needs a laptop?” in danish. (Photo: Martin Ove Christensen)

By: Martin Ove

Today I saw the Galaxy Tab on the website of a danish retailer. The fourth picture shows the Galaxy Tab with a physical keyboard, and it reminded me of a picture I took, when I got my N810 years ago.

The N810 was the third “Internet Tablet” from Nokia and also the last(yet), if you don’t count in the WiMax edition. Later on, the N900 took over and carried on with the Maemo OS.

The N810 features a 4.13″ 800×480 pixel display and qwerty keyboard. It’s a bit slow in todays standard, but still very usable.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this little moment of gadget evolution. Oh, check out the header-picture btw, it’s the same one.

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