Tablet anno 2008

[tweetmeme]I shot this picture back in june 2008 and today I was reminded of it. The screen shows the N810 Internet Tablet with a bluetooth keyboard running Google Docs and saying “Who needs a laptop?” in danish. (Photo: Martin Ove Christensen)

By: Martin Ove

Today I saw the Galaxy Tab on the website of a danish retailer. The fourth picture shows the Galaxy Tab with a physical keyboard, and it reminded me of a picture I took, when I got my N810 years ago.

The N810 was the third “Internet Tablet” from Nokia and also the last(yet), if you don’t count in the WiMax edition. Later on, the N900 took over and carried on with the Maemo OS.

The N810 features a 4.13″ 800×480 pixel display and qwerty keyboard. It’s a bit slow in todays standard, but still very usable.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this little moment of gadget evolution. Oh, check out the header-picture btw, it’s the same one.

Thanks for reading.

I found a way

So, Front Page Category didn’t cut it for me. It was to “exclusive”, so to say.

The plugin did exclude the category “Blog” from the frontpage, but it also made it impossible for the category posts widget to display posts from the category. That wasn’t good, cause I do want the blog to be more visible than it would with only the tab in the navigation bar.

I found the plugin Simply Exclude instead. It’s actually a bit confusing to use, but once I got my head around it, it does what I want it to. I’ll recommend it for sure. It seems to allow for some good fine tuning.

First “blog” post on this site

I wanted to have a blog on this site beside the more in-depth “How-to” stuff.

I had to figure out how to keep the blog posts away from the frontpage, as I wouldn’t like for the small ramblings to take attention away from the heavier posts.

Anyways, I might have found the answer in the plugin called Front Page Category. I simply allows you to check off the categories, that you want to appear on the frontpage.

I would like for the small blog posts to appear in a widget in the sidebar, and for that, I need to create a category which holds a least one posts. That’s the one you’re looking at right now.