Polyline/polygon tool for Google Maps

This small tool aids you in getting the coordinates for your polyline or polygon
This small tool aids you in getting the coordinates for your polyline or polygon.

By: Martin Ove

Hi all.

I made a little tool, which can make the process of finding coordinates for polygons and polylines in Google Maps a lot easier and intuitive.

It lets you draw a line with multiple points by just clicking on the map. When you’re done, you just copy-paste the coordinates for further use.

Check it out: martinove.dk/maptools/polytool/

I made it for myself, as I needed to create some polygons for a little project. The process of finding the coordinates is very tiresome, bordering impossible. With this tool, it should be a breeze.

I tested it using IE9, Firefox 4 and Google Chrome, and had no problems.


1. Go to the area, that you want to work with.

2. Click “Start Plot”. When you click the map, it will register the coordinates and append it to area below the map.

3. When you’re done, go to the coordinates below the map and copy-paste them.

That’s it, you can now use the coordinates as you wish.

Notes: You can disable and activate the plotting as y0u wish. That might be useful, if you find the behavior annoying while navigating the map. You can also undo the added coordinates by pressing the button “remove last”.

If you have no idea, what to do with the coordinates, check out the documentation at Google here: Google Maps JavaScript API V3 and specifically the stuff about polylines and polygons here: Polylines. (polygons are just below that)

I hope you find it useful.

Here’s a short video demo. The quality is awful, but I hope it gets the message across. Go to 720p and play in fullscreen for the best result.





5 responses to “Polyline/polygon tool for Google Maps”

  1. Rakesh Avatar

    Amazing Tool Dear… It reduced my lots of work… Really helped me.. Thank u very much…
    Beside this I need some help also..
    I want border or say polygon over my district using gmap api v3.. How is thai possible??? Please help..

  2. Martin Ove Avatar
    Martin Ove

    Hi Rakesh.

    I’m glad you found the tool useful!
    I would suggest starting here to find the answer for your question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3394961/google-maps-api-v3-how-to-draw-dynamic-polygons-polylines

    Kind regards,
    Martin Ove

  3. Naveen Avatar

    Hi Martin Ove,

    this is what i was looking for ………………I need your help. I am working on a project which requires the coordinates of line,polygon,point…etc. you have done this awesome thing ………. can you please guide me how do i implement this as code to my project …….. i do not have the entire world map ……….rather a small state……….. please help

  4. Martin Ove Avatar
    Martin Ove

    Hi Naveen,

    I would be glad to help if I’m able to. Are you using Google Maps for your project?

  5. Neerj Avatar

    Good work dear…..Thank you very much…