From CSV to javascript – How to make data fit

Don’t let codes like this be an obstacle when you’ve got a lot of data. There are ways to make them all fit in with a few clicks.

[tweetmeme]By Martin Ove

Here’s a tip, I found out about while doing a project.

Sometimes you have a lot of data, that you want to fit into a certain format. This happened to me while trying to get Google Charts to work with my dataset, which was stored in pure .csv.

The javascript wanted it to look like this: data.addRow([“Name”, Data1, Data2, Data3]);

All I got was this, separated by tabulator: Name     Data1     Data2     Data3

I used Google Spreadsheets to automate the process of putting quotation marks, commas, and space in between the data, check out how below.

The process is extremely universal and might come in handy, if you don’t know it already. (more…)

Making soundslides in Windows Movie Maker

This serves as a proof of concept. You can make soundslides in Windows Movie Maker, and it actually does a pretty good job. Try it out, I hope your speak sounds better than mine!

By: Martin Ove

[tweetmeme]I’ve been searching for a free program, which could make soundslides, for some time. Usually you would make soundslides in the program called “Soundslides”, but I’ve never really liked it, and as always I’m looking for free alternatives.