Getting started with PHP

Your local server with PHP after just a few minutes.EasyPHP gets you up and running in just a few minutes.

By: Martin Ove

PHP plays a huge role in the internet today, but unlike JavaScript, HTML and the likes, you can’t just try it out by typing a few commands into a text file and opening it with your browser.

PHP has to be installed on a server, a fact that for a long time has kept me from learning the language. Luckily, I discovered EasyPHP, which does all the work for you in a few minutes. (more…)

Getting started with JavaScript – Online tutorials

[tweetmeme]If you want to learn JavaScript, these two sites will make your life easier.

By: Martin Ove

Learning new stuff is a lot easier, when you have access to good and inspiring materials to aid you on the way.

I wanna share two sites with you, that have taught me the JavaScript I know. If your seeking a step-by-step incremental tutorial on how start using JavaScript, this is it. (more…)