Webscraping with Python – Getting started

[tweetmeme]If you have no idea on how to start scraping the web with Python, then read on. The first small step is simpler than I thought it would be.

By: Martin Ove

This post will teach you how to fetch the HTML of a website using Python in windows. This is as far as I have gotten at this time, and even though it isn’t really useful yet, I guess it’s the first step towards webscraping with Python.

First of all you need to get Python on your computer. (more…)

Facebook Like Box – A closer look at the code

Click the buttons to highlight parts of the code.[tweetmeme]

By:Martin Ove

[Update 22.10.2010: Id-number is no longer used by Facebook. It has been replaced by url. Read more here]

The code behind the Facebook Like Box is easy to modify manually without having to go back the Facebook site.

Here’s a rundown of “what does what” in the iframe code: (more…)